OSHA 10 Hour Training – The Difference Between Construction and General Industry – What is the best



OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration United States -. Has created two different versions of the OSHA 10 Hour Card program to reach the most dangerous situations workers in the United States face

Therefore, OSHA has two OSHA training classes for 10 hours card program: 1) A specific OSHA 10 Hour Construction Course and 2) A General Industry course program for all other industries. You can get 10-hour card online through OSHA approved provider.

The OSHA Construction Program

This is by far the most popular version of the OSHA 10 hour card programs. To be approved by OSHA that OSHA training program will take the following materials:

· Introduction to OSHA OSH Act including

· General Health and Safety Provisions

· Hazard Communication

· Hazardous

· Rigging and Crane

· Electric security

· Struck- By and Caught in between

· Fall Protection

· PPE – personal protective equipment

· Power tools and hand

· Scaffolding

· Ladders & Stairway safety

The General Industry Program

This 10 hour card program covers all industries other than construction. This requires that the material be comprehensive in nature and touch on the top few most important areas for many industries

be approved by OSHA General Industry program needs to achieve :.

· Introduction: OSHA & the OSH Act

· Walking and working surfaces

· Action Plan for Emergencies

· Hazardous

· PPE – personal protective equipment

· Machine Guarding Safety

· Electric security

· Hazard Communication

· Industrial Hygiene & hazardous substances

· Safety and Health Programs

jointly by two OSHA 10 hour Card Programs

You will see by the list of materials above, there is some overlap in the syllabus for the two different versions of OSHA Programs. These areas are, Introduction to OSHA, PPE, Hazard Communication and hazardous substances. However, even in these areas, a good course will use a different example, language and images covering materials to appeal to students / employees. Remember General Industry course it needs to reach a much wider industries and issues: a. Good course will use the material to appeal to a broad group of employees

What course should you take?

In the vast majority of cases, have the right to choose is obvious. If an employee in the construction industry, they take OSHA 10 Hour Card program for the construction, if not, they need General Industry version. The most common cause for confusion is the manufacturing industry. Production is covered by general industry card issuance program. Always looking for the words “OSHA good” in connection with either version of the course. This means that OSHA has reviewed the material and has approved it for online distribution.

OSHA 10 Hour Card Summary

OSHA has created two different programs to get workers face in the American workplace. The OSHA 10 Hour Card Program construction focuses on security issues involved in the construction. The OSHA 10 Hour Card program for General Industry covers all other sectors except construction. If necessary, with General contractors, insurance agency or state agency to take the right course, and always looking for OSHA Approved guide for online courses.


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