Construction Industry in Doha, Qatar,


Qatar successfully bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This has proven the ability of Qatar to concentrate and succeed in a lot of ambition to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This is a turning point for Qatar and it has led to their rapid growth and development of Qatar in terms of infrastructure and economy.

2022 FIFA World Cup has attracted a lot of interest among various investors in different sectors, especially construction. This has thrown open the doors of opportunity for the country’s real estate and construction. This starts with the need to improve the infrastructure in urgent basis. In short you need more business, professional, labor to perform the necessary tasks. The infrastructure projects are underway in the form of construction of roads, flyovers, bridges and more of these are planned for the future too. This is important to facilitate construction and other projects that take place in different parts of the country. Some of the important projects underway in Qatar airport projects, rail projects, Lusail project, Pearl Qatar, etc. The country also has other projects underway as the construction of hotels and apartments. Qatar requires world-class stadiums to support a World Cup event and stadium projects also are in the cards.

This has generated a lot of opportunities for local and foreign employment and business expansion. The city of Doha has a good number of hotel projects happening and more are to follow in the coming years. FIFA World Cup has propelled the growth of construction in Doha, Qatar. Qatar has become one of the hot favorite spots in the field of real estate and construction in the Middle East and the date. The Qatar building and construction is witnessing the greatest boom period her.

This has led to many construction companies from the GCC countries such as UAE, Saudi, Bahrain and Oman, etc. eye key projects and start their activities in Qatar. Because of the entry of international players in this market is going to be strong and healthy competitions among construction companies to provide important task. Looking at the size of the market and opportunities in the future, it looks like all the building contractor established will have their fair share of the lucrative market. The market is expected to gain momentum probably early next year, earlier than it is to wait and watch the situation.


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